Training :

ACISP delivers a comprehensive Social Protection Proficiency programme covered within three main courses.


Social Protection Magazine is the professional magazine that aims to bridge the information gap within the Social Protection Industry.

Research & Consultancy

ACISP conducts various comprehensive researches and provide the requisite technical support to different organizations.

Social Protection Forums

ACISP organizes conferences, workshops and seminars that brings together local and international social protection professionals.

About Us

The Africa College of Insurance and Social Protection (ACISP) had a humble beginning. It was set up in 2020 as an initiative idea of a Pan African College that will provide a platform for an ongoing collaborative relationship between scholars, scientists, academicians and industry specialists to guide and steer the development of the insurance and social protection sector in Africa. It was also meant to fill the gap between Academia and Industry through provision of practical and tailor courses using combined local, regional and international pool of practitioners as trainers. The College remains to be the pioneer and only Pan African training institution serving the Africa for the training needs of insurance and Social Protection sectors, it has also demonstrated sensitivity to the broad range of needs of the Africa financial services sector in general. The College is located in Masaki-Oysterbay, 386 Toure Drive, No.99.

Target Market

  • Insurance Industry Players/Registrants (Companies, Brokers, Agencies, Surveyors, etc…
  • Government ministries, departments and agencies
  • Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority (TIRA)
  • Banks
  • Contributory social security schemes
  • Training institutions
  • Other clients and institutions

Why choose us

  • Short-term competence based learning programs targeting both pre-service and in-service social protection professionals.
  • Organizing forums in the form of conference, workshop and seminars.
  • Research and Consultancy service in the design, administration, and management of social protection programmes.

Expert Input

The Social protection industry is so wide and it includes different capacities including regulators and government. ACISP is keen in providing experts' opinion to the works and activities organized by other partners in the social protection industry.

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